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Currently tracking 3 nodes in the database. Of those, 2 nodes failed their last check-in.

URL Available Network Height Last Checked History
http://v2admi6gbeprxnk6i2oscizhgy4v5ixu6iezkhj5udiwbfjjs2w7dnid.onion:34568 mainnet 315457 8 minutes ago
http://mf4t3ev55u7g5dyftd5pakqjwohdxupqcwtzebeqrkwhvnolhnp2afad.onion:34568 mainnet 315539 8 minutes ago
http://a2b6ain7ozgpxhzxkhl7vrnphrlvn4cqvibyhpcvyfbbgare6bm5m2yd.onion:18081 mainnet 315222 13 minutes ago